Monday, October 15, 2007

JavaDay in Turin

Next Saturday I'll speak at the JavaDay in Turin.

My presentation will show that the following code can be a fully functional Data Access Object (DAO):

Note, not any other code or configuration to write, just that interface: NO code...NO bugs...more FUN! :)

See you in Turin...

(If you can't...look at the Parancoe site)


Kätlin said...

Buona sera to there

Hmm... looks like a C++ code to me :D

Have never used such <> brackets in Java, yeah but I'm not a professional yet :)... still studying :D.

Lucio Benfante said...

Hi Katlin,
yes, it's Java generics.

The syntax it's pretty similat to C++ generics...but C++ generics are more powerful (but also more difficult).

The strenghtness of my code is that it's an interface...and there's not need of an implementation...AOP magic...

If you are interested, I'll do a quickie on this topic at JavaPolis:

Kätlin said...

Hehe, just wonder how this code works.. Tried to compile it but got a list of errors.

Do you need to download some special java library to get it work?

Can you use it as a self-standing program or you also need some other code?

And why is that @ in the beginning?

(Yeah, think I should ask my teacher at the univ. :)

Lucio Benfante said...

Yes, I think you need to explore a little more the Java basics, in particular the Java 5 features (annotations, generics, etc.).

That code is supposed to run in a Web application with the Parancoe meta-framework jars (and configuration) in the classpath.